Ex-NCIS colleagues Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are becoming executive producers on a new TV show.

Titled MIA and being developed over at CBS, their collaborative project will focus on a newly minted homicide detective who gets assigned to a straight-edged partner in Miami.

However, while on duty, she struggles to hide the personal entanglements from a final undercover job and risks jeopardising her future.

According to TV Line, Weatherly and de Pablo – who portrayed Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David on NCIS – will be joined on the new series by Riverdale‘s Shepard Boucher, taking up writing responsibilities.

A reunion between the NCIS performers has been teased in the past, with Bull star Weatherly previously revealing his hope of working with de Pablo in the future.

“Whether or not it’s in Bull or in some other iteration of an NCIS, I would say there’s always the chance of [me reuniting with Cote],” he told Digital Spy.

“She’s one of my favourite people. For eight years we got to have a lot of fun. Certainly, in terms of chemistry, I’ve never had anyone like that rattle my brain!”

The 50-year-old, who showed up in Dark Angel back in the early noughties, also shared an interest in returning to the NCIS universe.

“I absolutely see worlds where DiNozzo and other characters could pop up [again],” he told DS. “It is something I’m very keen to explore when the time is right.”