Rescuing director Vance (Rocky Carroll) is the main priority heading into Season 16 of NCIS. But with the lead gone cold and the kidnapper unpredictable, can team save Vance before it is too late?

The show’s new villain proved quite capable of himself after last season when he managed to take Vance without Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his team knowing. We don’t know if the team will rescue Vance in time, but the teaser trailer for Season 16 provides some clues on what might happen.

According to Econo Times, the clip makes it clear that the series will pick up around a month after Vance’s kidnapping. Based on what happens in the trailer, Gibbs does not seem like he is any closer to finding Vance or the kidnapper.

While he tries to pick up the trail, Gibbs will find some explosives at his home, which will only make the chase even more complicated. It also raises the stakes for Vance and makes it clear that the team needs to find him as quickly as possible.

Because Vance is not critical to the series, some fans are starting to speculate that the show might kill him off next season.

NCIS played with the fate of Gibbs and McGee (Sean Murray) last season, but the two made it out alive because of their importance to the overall story. Vance does not share that level of importance and there is a chance the new villain will kill him before Gibbs figures everything out.

Although Vance’s fate is up in the air, a few characters are set to return in Season 16. This includes Ducky (David McCallum) and Fornell (Joe Spano), both of whom have been confirmed for the new season.

Fans can find out what happens to Vance when Season 16 of NCIS kicks off Sept. 25 on CBS.