“NCIS” Season 16 will see a lot of the main characters struggle in adjusting to their jobs now that Abby (Pauley Perrette) has decided to leave the team. There hasn’t been a concrete reason yet why the actress decided to walk out the police procedural drama after starring in it for 15 years.

Initially, fans thought the character was going to be killed off but that proved to be off the mark as Abby decided to leave the team to personally handle the charity that was supposed to be started by Reeves (Duane Henry). In “NCIS” Season 16, Abby’s replacement is going to be Kasie Hanes (Diona Reasonover).

Reasonover told Newsweek that the character is a “great team player.” But as can be expected, some longtime fans aren’t welcoming the new character warmly as her personality doesn’t seem to fit someone who is working in forensics. While this is the case, the writers are still confident Kasie will fit right in.

The previous installment saw director Vance (Rocky Carroll) kidnapped by Nigel Hakim (Pej Vahdat). This villain has been portrayed as quite the antagonist as he managed to take the director without the team knowing about it. “NCIS” Season 16 will have Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the rest of the squad try to rescue the director before Nigel decides to kill him.

However, that will prove to be quite the challenge as the trail has gone cold and they will be dealing with an unpredictable individual. This difficulty will be doubly true since Abby’s forensic expertise is now off the table. Will the team be able to rescue Vance in “NCIS” Season 16?

The chances are bleak. For starters, “NCIS” Season 16 will not be picking up from where it left off in the previous installment but will rather have a time jump of one month after the director’s kidnapping. This means that any lead that the team has is now next to useless.

What’s more, some fans are speculating that Vance will likely die next season given that he isn’t really integral to the overarching plot of the police procedural. But this is just speculation at this point and fans will just have to tune in to “NCIS” Season 16 when it airs on CBS come Sept.