After an intense previous episode, “NCIS” Season 16 Episode 2, titled “Love Thy Neighbor,” would delve in another strange event. There would be murder, bizarre neighbors, but there would also be some fun.

“After a Navy lieutenant is found murdered in his hot tub, the team interviews several families in the victim’s peculiar neighborhood,” “NCIS” Season 16 Episode 2 official synopsis read, per CarterMatt. “Also, Torres must face the consequences after a volatile night out with Palmer.”

Fans are about to see two different emotions in “NCIS” Season 16 Episode 2. The first one will be about the murder of a well-known Navy officer in an unusual place with odd neighbors. Fans are about to meet strange characters in “Love Thy Neighbor.”

The publication noted “NCIS” Season 16 Episode 2’s title might be a reference to what kind of neighborhood the late lieutenant used to live in. As the neighbors are said to be “weird,” the community might be odd compared to the usual district people use to see.

Hence, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and McGee (Sean Murray) might have a hard time to infiltrate this community in “NCIS” Season 16 Episode 2. The place might be unfriendly to strangers, so the two officers might need to find a way to solve this case easily.

To make “NCIS” Season 16 Episode 2 more balanced, there would be some funny event brought by Palmer (Brian Dietzen) and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama). Valderrama earlier shared a teaser image of their adventure in “Love Thy Neighbor.”

However, it remained to be a big mystery what these two did. Palmer and Torres were seen behind bars together. So fans started wondering what they got their selves into to be in jail in “NCIS” Season 16 Episode 2. Did they get drunk and started a brawl? Whatever they did, it is surely a fun thing to see.

Torres might be taking the consequence of having a fun night out with Palmer in “NCIS” Season 16 Episode 2. He had to spend his night dealing with the aftermath of their crazy time together.

Palmer and Torres’ storyline in “NCIS” Season 16 Episode 2 seemed to be very entertaining. But in spite of expecting it to be on a comedic level, it might have some personal touch. There are assumptions Torres already told Palmer about his feelings toward Bishop (Emily Wickersham).

If Torres indeed made a revelation in “NCIS” Season 16 Episode 2, it would probably change the course of their relationship. Earlier new revealed that the new season would be featuring Torres and Bishop’s brewing romance, so everything is possible to happen in “Love Thy Neighbor.”

“NCIS” Season 16 Episode 2, “Love Thy Neighbor,” will be out on Tuesday, October 2, at 8 to 9 p.m. on the CBS Television Network.