No one wants to experience loneliness, especially elderly people. Just the thought of not having anyone around to talk to and to be with is terrifying.

As aforementioned, this feeling can be particularly bad for the elders. As they grow older, their families start visiting them less each day on account of having families of their own.

The children that they cared for for years leave them behind. Although couple can be just as lonely as single people, the latter have a more difficult time with it. But one a single woman found a way around it, as reported by Check These Things.

She was 70 years old, an age which many consider the golden years of a person’s life. But not for her. She had never been married, so she posted an in the local paper to find herself a husband.

But she didn’t just want any man. Her future husband would have to meet three very important requirements: he shouldn’t beat her, he shouldn’t run after other women, and he had to be vigorous in bed.

The very next day, a man in a wheelchair showed up at her door. She was surprised, but asked him, with little faith, why should he consider him since he had no legs.

The man very gently told her that he wouldn’t be able to run after other women without legs. Then she asked him about his missing arms, and he told her that he would be able to beat her without them.

She caught on to his plan fairly quickly. So, with the first two requirements met, she asked him about his skills in the bedroom. The man’s eyes sparkled with pride as he told her ‘how do you think I rang the doorbell.’

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