Since the announcement of Pauley Perrette’s departure from NCIS, there’s been speculation as to the reasoning behind her decision.

One consistent rumor has been that she and co-star Mark Harmon had a falling out — fans had begun to notice they appeared in fewer scenes together in recent seasons. According to a report by The Wrap, this could very well be the case.
In the report, they detail an incident that supposedly took place on set in 2016, where Harmon has brought his dog along. During an encounter with one of crew members, the dog reportedly caused a severe bite injury that is said to have required 15 stitches.

While Harmon’s lawyer made statements about the incident at the time, insiders told The Wrap that Perrette approached Harmon about the incident and that’s where their rift began.

Harmon and Perrette did appear in far less scenes together in later NCIS seasons — they apparently even arranged schedules so that they’d never have to be on set at the same time
Neither Harmon or Perrette have addressed this story, but many fans who have felt something was off for a while. When asked about the incident playing a role in her departure, a source tells The Wrap Perrette made her choice before the dog bite incident.

The actors appeared on the show together for 15 years, until Perrette left the series on May 8.

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